The weeknd albums

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The weeknd albums

The Weeknd's 20 Best Songs: Critics' Picks

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Artist. He is of Ethiopian descent. Abel Tesfaye. Viewing All The Weeknd. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. Reviews Add Review. Artists performing under a pseudonym, stage name or nickname a name other than their real or birth name by Sacstracks. Favorites by MantleM.

Favorite Artists by jondavey. Seen Live by patdtopmcrwilliam. Seen Them Live by JSloan.

the weeknd albums

Favorite Artists by gfrecords. Seen Live by lone. Favourite Artists by 89knowles. Artists I have seen Live by basriayoub Fall : My Top 20 Artists by stlpunk. Summer : My Top 20 Artists by stlpunk. Favorite Artist by SquishySkream. Master Release - [Help] Release Notes: optional. Submission Notes: optional. Save Cancel.If you think about it, nothing about The Weeknd should make sense. He's the most NSFW household name in the pop game.

He appeals to the devil in all of us, and it feels so good.

the weeknd albums

People often compare the Canadian anti-crooner to Michael Jacksonand that's never been more fair than on his latest LP Starboy, but his genius goes way farther back. Impressively, he's done it with hardly any features. The Weeknd is proof that, no matter what you mom tells you, there is something glamorous in being young and reckless. Here we see a soft, vulnerable, guilty side of The Weeknd not often displayed.

He knows he's too dirty for the beautiful woman who's stolen his heart, and he knows it probably won't work out, because he's bound to muck it up, but he still wishes her the best.

He wants her to be happy. He's getting his Guns'n'Roses on with this epic metal ballad music, too. Someone bust out the lighter, and please, don't dance on the hood of the car. This isn't the right moment. One upon a time, The Weeknd was Drake's protege. Today, the two Canadians are both superstars in their own right, but this joint collab from The Weeknd's debut studio album Kiss Land may have only landed on radio because of Drake's feature.

It deserved to be there no matter what, of course.

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The chorus is an A-plus sing-along when you find yourself up in the club with your besties. Just as the robot enemy accepts his death, so too does The Weeknd lyrically accept the death of his pre-fame romance. So effectively, it's like The Weeknd sits you down and warns you that you probably wanna be high for the musical greatness that is to follow, i.

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That drug use is the running theme of his catalogue only makes it that much more perfect. There isn't much going on in this song. It's mostly moody noise, throbbing percussion, and The Weeknd's mystifying voice.

After Hours

This is how you get the industry's attention. As much as drugs are a theme, so too is The Weeknd's struggle with fame. Like, he named his latest album Starboy. That's a weird place to be, and The Weeknd rocks it well. If his jams weren't so silky smooth and hard-edged, like this funky Starboy track, he'd never get away with it.It also became his first number one single in the United Kingdom and Australia. After having been absent from social media for five months, the singer returned to Instagram on November 20, and posted six days later on November 26, Let's go!

The lyrics of the song reference the on-and-off relationship that Tesfaye has with model Bella Hadid. The singer also mentions the city of Las Vegas, Nevadawhere he refers to it by its nickname "Sin City" in the pre-chorus.

Martin has the third-most as writer, behind Paul McCartney 32 and John Lennon 26and the second-most as producer, behind George Martin The Weeknd himself also peaked at 5 charts on March 30 as a writer, producer along with HotBillboard for the album, Billboard Artist for total song consumption by the artist [28] which is a feat achieved for first time ever. On the Rolling Stone Top Songs chart, the song debuted at number two, where it was blocked from the top spot by The Weeknd's own "Heartless".

The song also became Tesfaye's second entry on the chart. In the singer's native Canada, "Blinding Lights" debuted at number two on the Canadian Hotone place higher than "Heartless". It later managed to reach number one after the release of its parent album on the issue dated April 4, In the United Kingdom, "Blinding Lights" entered the charts at number 12 in the issue dated December 12, It eventually reached number one in Februarybecoming The Weeknd's first number-one single in the UK.

It also reached a position of number two in Hungary and Russia, a position of number ten in Romania, a position of number 16 in Spain, and a position of number 40 in Ukraine.

It also charted in Argentina and Colombia reaching numbers 47 and 66 respectively. On December 2,a commercial video containing footage from a Tesfaye and Mercedes-Benz commercial and the song's audio video was released.

It concludes with Tesfaye having flashbacks to a club he attended earlier in the night, where he was serenaded by a mysterious woman, played by Japanese actress Miki Hamano and beat up by a duo of men that forced him to be on the run throughout the video. The song's intro has been used in a TikTok choreographed dance challenge known as the "Blinding Lights Challenge". Credits adapted from The Weeknd's official website and Tidal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Blinding Lights The Weeknd song. Digital download streaming. XO Republic. Retrieved December 1, The Lowdown: The Weeknd has spent the last decade of his career meticulously crafting an elusive — albeit beguiling — persona. His modest YouTube beginnings quickly transformed into a trio of acroamatic mixtapes: House of BalloonsThursdayand Echoes of Silence. His debut, Kiss Landwas a supple effort to ease his inherent edginess. Beauty Behind the Madnesswhich came two years later, was the exact opposite of Kiss Landcapitalizing on all of his impulses no matter how salacious or self-destructive.

The Good: The power of After Hours lies in its sonic fearlessness. The Weeknd has experimented with electronic and synth soundscapes before some of his most notable hits have featured collaborations with Daft Punkbut After Hours feels like uncharted territory for the crooner.

However, the best moments on After Hours are those when The Weeknd is ripe with introspection. The imagery that fuels the track is one of metaphorical violence; his decimation is at the hands of a lover he has yet to let go of. The Verdict: What makes After Hours different from all of the other Weeknd albums is that we hear the singer learning how to feel without the aide of drugs or casual sex.

After Hours is the star becoming emotionally unraveled, left picking at the remnants of a failed relationship. As he evolves, he continues to reinvent himself, and he knows exactly how to leave fans hooked on havoc. Album Reviews. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Artists The Weeknd. Previous Story.

No comments. More Stories.Canadian singer and songwriter Abel Tesfaye, known professionally as The Weekndhas released four studio albumsthree mixtapesone EPand two compilation albums, Trilogywhich is the compilation of all three of his mixtapes House of BalloonsThursdayand Echoes of Silenceand The Weeknd in Japana singles collection which was released exclusively in Japan.

He has released forty-three singlesincluding sixteen as a featured artist.

the weeknd albums

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Artist discography. The Weeknd at the Bumbershoot in Seattle, Washington in Retrieved March 31, Hung Medien.

Retrieved December 27, Australian Recording Industry Association.

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Pandora Archive. November 19, Retrieved June 25, March 26, Retrieved March 26, December 3, Retrieved December 3, Retrieved March 4, Retrieved April 8, Retrieved February 10, GfK Entertainment. Retrieved January 18, Retrieved September 10, Official Charts Company. Retrieved March 28, All Media Network. Retrieved August 27, Music Canada.In a recent interview the Weekend said he influenced Usher's song.

The Weeknd Drops After Hours Album: Listen to New Songs

Here's what happened next. October 8 October 7 January 4 As President Trump eyes abolishing federal arts funding in the U. June 26 January 5 The best lyrics stick in your head like the best scenes in a movie. To honor some of the most indelible lines of —by the Weeknd, Courtney Barnett, Young Thug, and others—we asked visual artist Laura Breiling to bring them to life.

December 18 These are our picks for the best songs of the year. December 14 A collection of our favorite quotables from the interviews we did this year, including Madonna on modern loneliness, Earl Sweatshirt on proverbs, Bradford Cox on dogs, Jamie xx on not smoking weed, Sufjan Stevens on God, and much more.

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the weeknd albums

Top Stories. The Weeknd After Hours. The Weeknd My Dear Melancholy.Trilogy is a compilation album by Canadian singer The Weeknd. It is composed of re-mixed and remastered versions of his mixtapes House of BalloonsThursdayand Echoes of Silenceand three previously-unreleased songs. Trilogy received generally positive reviews from critics, who reinforced the previous acclaim of the mixtapes, although some found it indulgent. It was promoted with three singles and The Weeknd's concert tour during September to November The album charted at number five and number four in Canada and the United States, respectively.

DuringThe Weeknd released a series of mixtapes— House of BalloonsThursday and Echoes of Silence — [2] and garnered both critical acclaim and a growing fan base. A video accompanying the track "Rolling Stone" was released on 3 October to promote the album's release. It was his first major media event. I usually don't like to 'spoon feed' my audience because I grew up idolising story tellers who tell stories using symbolismso it was in my nature to do the same.

The "Rolling Stone" video takes place in a dimly lit studio which represents the two worlds I have been stuck in. The gloomy side represents the mainstream world while the other side represents the underground. The girl holding on represents you.

The Weeknd - High For This

The video for his first official single from Trilogya revamped version of " Wicked Games ", was released just weeks later on 18 Octoberagain through his website. This time, the shot opens on a dancing, purse-lipped model type, but her shadow soon vamps away from her body, and torments Tesfaye until the track's end. The album's lead single "Wicked Games" was released on 22 October His fourth video release, and third to promote Trilogywas for " The Zone ", a collaboration with fellow Toronto musician, rapper Drake.

Abrams jealous, a woman dancing in lace lingerie, and Drake. The second single " Twenty Eight " was released on 13 November. With Trilogy now on iTunes and in-stores, The Weeknd turned to his fifth official video, one of his three new releases from his debut, "Twenty Eight".

Dropped on 13 February and directed by up-and-coming visionary Nabil Elderkin some may notice similarities to Frank Ocean 's " Pyramids " video which he also directed. He's under surveillance—the crew is watching, hologram girl is watching, and the reporter is talking at him, so he dips into mental absence.

The line between what's real and what's imagined is blurred, but one thing is clear—this video is definitely NSFW. Trilogy was met with generally positive reviews. At Metacriticthe album received an average score of 79, based on 19 reviews. John Calvert of Fact dubbed it "an r'n'b album with few equals in terms of narrational ambition". In a mixed review, AllMusic 's Andy Kellman felt that, despite moments when he is "distinctively gripping," The Weeknd lacks "restraint, as he is prone to repetitious whining that is more young boy than young Keith Sweat ".

Kellman wrote that "now that he's with a label, he'll hopefully get some kind of filter that enables him to fulfill the promise heard in these minutes of one-dimensional, occasionally exhilarating overindulgence His potential is as obvious as his lyrics are toxic. Whatever its limits, however, Trilogy remains a striking piece of work. Trilogy charted at number five on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Credits were adapted from the album's liner notes. Sample credits [5]. Credits for Trilogy adapted from liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Weeknd. Rose The Weeknd.


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