Stud dogs meaning

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Stud dogs meaning

Male dogs can start to have sperm at seven months old, but ten months is more common. Young dogs do not have quality sperm. Almost all dogs will have sperm by one year. Stud dogs are at their prime between 18 months and 4 years old or 5after that, the quality of the sperm starts to lessen, and the ability to penetrate eggs, lessens.

By 10 years old, most stud dogs do not produce sperm that will impregnate a bitch. A tie is a natural phenomenon of dog breeding in which the bulbus glandis of the male's penis swells inside the bitch's vagina. The dogs are virtually locked together for minutes two to 30 minutes is also normalduring which time ejaculation has taken place. The sperm is released at the beginning of the tie, during the happy feet dance see below.

During the tie, he is releasing prostatic fluid. As soon as the dogs lock the male usually moves his leg over her back, turns butt to butt and they remain locked.

Getting stuck together is normal. Do NOT ice them to get them apart. The male is supposed to swell up and get stuck inside the female for two to 30 minutes.

At this time if you feel the sire and dam in this area you will feel pulsating. When you hear someone say they got a minute tie, this means they were locked together for 13 minutes. Picture of a male penis with a swelled bulbus glands. It is advised that you give close supervision and keep them calm. You do not want a larger female getting scared and panicky to swing the male around by his penis, as it will get bruised and may make a repeat breeding failure.

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Do NOT attempt to separate. You do not want the female to panic and start squirming. If she is larger than the male she can really hurt the male. He is helpless and will usually stand perfectly still, waiting.It means a male dog is offered to mate with your female dog in the hope of puppies. Usally you have to pay for this service.

Sometimes matings don't always work and you will have to go back to the "stud" dog for a repeat mating. As the others have said - usually advertised by people who think they can make a quick buck and are not interested in the quality of the puppies produced or the fate of those pups.

A reputable breeder does not use these dogs as they have already researched the best dogs for their b1tches and know the best dog to use. A reputable stud dog owner does not advertise as they are very choosy as to which b1tches they will allow their dogs to be used on. A stud dog is a male dog that is offered to owners of girl dogs to mate with the girls to produce puppies. He should be a good example of the breed he represents and should be of sound character and varility he must be able to make more girls pregnant than not - especially if a fee is charged.

It means you can take a female dog and breed it with the stud and then sell the puppies. People who want purebred puppies usually use this option. Dog training are excellent and very helpful to build you a stronger relationship with your dog. But I tell you, in the space of 2 weeks of teaching me how to train my dog, I was already seeing great results. Especially if you have a little horror of a dog on your hands which clearly shows that she is this way because you let her get this way which in turn shows that you don't know what the hell you are doing as a dog owner.

Don't take offence to that because I was exactly the same way. I have a 5 year old jack russell and when she was 3 she turned into a little nightmare and it was because I let her get that way.

I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that she was fighting all the time with my older dog and I had to do something to put a stop to it. Turned out to be the typical dominance issue thing with my younger dog wanting to take over the household and then the world no doubt. I got a trainer in who was excellent. He moved to Australia from America where I think he used to train police dogs and he spent a good time with me on the phone before I employed him to come and train my dog.

He is also a dog behaviourist and I tell you, any question I threw at him he could answer and explain and advise on. I saw him about 3 or 4 times but to this day I say every cent was worth having harmony in my home. It was either that or I was thinking of putting my dog on medication or getting rid of her. I'm so glad I took the responsibility to fix the problem in the right way. My little dog has turned from complete monster to very well behaved, loyal and obedient little angel.

She still has her moments but she knows who's boss in the house and it definitely isn't her. Go for it, do your research, get references, try to get someone who has behaviour as well as training experience and you should be okay.

Dude, it means they have a male dog that they want to hire out to make puppies with someone else's female. Usually they are expensive dogs that are a select full bred dog.

They are in this for a business.Do you want your Labrador to be a stud dog? There are some important things to consider before choosing whether to let your Labrador become a Dad. There are no legal requirements governing the use of a stud dog in the UK at the time of writing, above and beyond those enshrined in our animal welfare laws. The Kennel Club issues some brief guidelines in their online introduction to dog breeding, though they mostly apply to the owners of female doogs.

Breeding Dogs: The Tie

People think about offering their dog at stud for a number of reasons. Motivations can differ widly from one person to the next, or be a combination of a few similar factors. Breeding from a female is a huge responsibililty and a costly investment. So girl dog owners are fussy, and they want to sell their puppies for a reasonable price.

And guess who else is fussy? Or they should be. Nowadays puppy buyers are increasingly well informed.

what does a dog for stud mean?

They want quality puppies with a good chance of a long and healthy life. So there are a whole lot of people out there, that are really picky about the dog that fathers these little pups-to-be. Labradors are subject to a range of inherited diseases. A stud dog can father a great many puppies and it is absolutely vital that he is checked for inherited conditions long before he ever goes near a mate.

It goes without saying that a stud dog must have a perfect temperament. We all like a winner.

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Female dog owners, remember, want to sell great puppies, and puppy buyers are looking for something a bit special. Female Labrador owners are often looking for either success in the show ring, or, success in the field. This success proves that the father of their puppy is not just a pretty face. For this and other reasons, many dog owners will not mate their girl to a stud dog that has not at least won a few shows, or been placed in a few field trials of working tests.

At least. There is one more thing that many female dog owners are looking for, from the owner of their stud dog, and that is support. As the owner of the stud dog, your role is to supervise the mating. There are times when you need to intervene, both to ensure your dog does not get hurt and to ensure that the mating takes place at all. Every mating is different. Your role as a stud dog owner goes further than ensuring an effective mating and the safety of your dog. Many female dog owners will want to consult you during pregnancy and even during whelping.

They may be looking for advice and support afterwards too, when the puppies arrive. Apart from the ethical considerations of adding to the general dog population, there is the responsibility you share with the female doog owner for the welfare of these puppies. You are responsible for making sure that the two dogs are compatible, and supremely health. Checking out the credentials of each female that your dog is mated to, is a part of this responsibility. Making sure your dog is in great condition and that each mating goes smoothly and without injury, is another part.

You can find a lot more information about the pros and cons of breeding in this article: Labrador breeding. It could be a whole lot less trouble. You can find out more about how to keep your Labrador as fit and healthy as possible in the Health section of our website.

The Labrador Handbook looks at all aspects owning a Labrador, through daily care, to health and training at each stage of their life.

Oso the Cane Corso meets his future mate Liberty for the first time!

The Labrador Handbook is available worldwide. Pippa's online training courses were launched in and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website. The Handsomeness Lab in the world.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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Wiki User It means that the owners of this particular male dog think he is good enough to be bred and he is standing at stud, meaning he is available for a fee or a pup back to breed to someone else's female. A stud is a male dog that is to be bred with a female dog. Asked in Domestic Dogs What do you call a female dog stud? There is no term for a female dog stud.

A female dog is called a bitch. A male dog whose is used to breed is called a stud. A Prostitute? Only after she has been with a stud dog Only after she has been with a stud dog. Asked in Domestic Dogs Who is the father of the dog? The father dog is called a stud dog. Unless it killed him. That would make it difficult. Asked in Domestic Dogs What is the name of a male dog? Asked in Dog Breeding and Mating What should one look for in a stud dog for mating?

When looking for a stud dog for mating, one should consider the qualities in which the offsprings would possess. The breeding age and health of the stud dog should also be considered as well.

Stallion at stud mean that a stallion is standing at a breeding farm which is called a stud and you can pay to have your mare bred to him. Most breeders retire their stud dogs at 7.

Stud (animal)

However it depends on the health of the dog. It is best to ask your vet.A stud animal is a registered animal retained for breeding. The terms for the male of a given animal species stallionbullroosteretc. A specialized vocabulary exists for de-sexed animals geldingsteeretc.

Stud females are generally used to breed further stud animals, but stud males may be used in crossbreeding programs. A stud farmin animal husbandryis an establishment for selective breeding using stud animals.

A stud fee is a price paid by the owner of a female animal, such as a horse or a dogto the owner of a male animal for the right to breed to it. Many owners of high-quality stallions also offer a live foal guarantee with a breeding, usually defined as a guarantee that once the mare leaves the stud farm confirmed to be in foal by a veterinarianshe will give birth to a foal that stands and nurses, or else the stud farm will re-breed the mare for no stud fee the following season.

Most stud fees do not include the costs of boarding the female animal at the location of the stud animal, or of the cost, collecting and shipping semen if artificial insemination is used in lieu of live cover. Any veterinary expenses or medications are also an additional cost to the owner of the female animal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Stud disambiguation. Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 8 November Categories : Livestock Slang terms for men Animal breeding.

Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Top definition. Julian is the biggest stud there is! Stud unknown. A stud is an African American masculine or AG lesbian, not to be confused with a trans male or a butch lesbian.

Butch Lesbians tend to be heavily influenced by urban and hip-hop cultures. Young M. A sexy, gorgeous, cool, badass man dude who every girl wants to have sex with. Jesse is a stud because all the girls at yoga want to have sex with him. Everyone looks up to them and wants to get with them.

stud dogs meaning

This person an be a male or a female gay or straight. DB: hey what's up? CW : nothing just chilling with my new key chain DB: can i chill with you?

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DB: def. A ladies mansomeone who is easily attached to girls and very noticeable. Look at that dude, he is such a stud, look at all the girls he has with him. Bennett W. A butch lesbian female. Dirty Kathryn Geezer Schoolie Dirty Colton Sinatra Boneless children Related to stud: stud pokerstud finder.

An upright post in the framework of a wall for supporting sheets of lath, drywall, or similar material. A small knob, nail head, or rivet fixed in and slightly projecting from a surface. A small ornamental button mounted on a short post for insertion through an eyelet, as on a dress shirt. A buttonlike earring or other piercing mounted on a slender post, as of gold or steel.

Any of various protruding pins or pegs in machinery, used mainly as a support or pivot. One of a number of small metal cleats embedded in a snow tire to increase traction on slippery or snowy roads.

stud dogs meaning

To provide with or construct with studs or a stud. To set with studs or a stud: stud a bracelet with rubies. To be scattered over: Daisies studded the meadow.

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A group of animals, especially horses, kept for breeding. Slang a. A usually young man who is very sexually active or promiscuous. Used of animals. Art Terms a large-headed nail or other projection protruding from a surface, usually as decoration. Building building trades a vertical member made of timber, steel, etc, that is used with others to construct the framework of a wall.

Mechanical Engineering a headless bolt that is threaded at both ends, the centre portion being unthreaded. Mechanical Engineering any short projection on a machine, such as the metal cylinder that forms a journal for the gears on a screw-cutting lathe. Mechanical Engineering the crossbar in the centre of a link of a heavy chain. Building building trades to provide or support a wall, partition, etc with studs.

Breeds a group of pedigree animals, esp horses, kept for breeding purposes. Breeds any male animal kept principally for breeding purposes, esp a stallion. Breeds the state or condition of being kept for breeding purposes: at stud ; put to stud.

Breeds modifier of or relating to such animals or the place where they are kept: a stud farm ; a stud horse. Examples : stud of colts and good mares, ; of dogs; of greyhounds, ; of horses, ; of mares— Brewer ; of motorcars, ; of partridges, ; of poker players; of racehorses; of sows, Switch to new thesaurus. A person regarded as physically attractive. Used of a man: beautybelle used of a womanlovelystunner. Slang: babedollhunk used of a manknockoutlooker. The sky was studded with stars.

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stud dogs meaning

References in classic literature? He indicated the stud farms at which Nicholas might procure horses, recommended to him a horse dealer in the town and a landowner fourteen miles out of town who had the best horses, and promised to assist him in every way.

Immediately on leaving the governor's, Nicholas hired post horses and, taking his squadron quartermaster with him, drove at a gallop to the landowner, fourteen miles away, who had the stud.


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