Questionnaire on impact of fashion on youth

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Questionnaire on impact of fashion on youth

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description impact of fashion on youth. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, that way we live, what is happening.

Fashion is like a clear, still pond ,reflects.

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It reflects a way of life. A fashion does not just happen, without a reason. It is a response to many things: a feeling, an era, a crisis, an action, an enthusiasm.

21 Fashion Questions to Ask in a Survey + Sample Questionnaire Template

This is what it makes it ever changing captivating facet of our life. Fashion for all: Fashion for all Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothingfootwearaccessoriesmakeupbody piercing or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior. Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers. Although aspects of fashion can be feminine or masculine, some trends are androgynous.

Changes in fashion are direct reflection of life styles. The reflection is called fashion. People change jobs ,houses ,spouses ,hair coloring ,make —up ,facial features and auto mobiles. If fashion reflects our life ,then by the virtue of change in our way of life our clothing ,too ,is going to change. Fashion changes: Fashion changes Changes in society :-Fashion brings changes in the life style and living conditions whether inside the house or outside. With the influx of technology, in the late 20 th and 21 st century, new techniques and procedures in textile industry have evolved.

People today are more comfort — prone then they were before. Fashion changes: Fashion changes Changes in culture:- changes that fashion bring in our culture are very gradual and slow.Pew Research recently released its report on teens and social media.

The report highlights the rapid shifts in the communication landscape for teens. The influence and impact of technology on teens and social media raises some important questions for parents, educators, and employers. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn't help us know what to say. The data clearly confirms that the communication landscape is evolving which has significant implications for parents, educators, and employers.

Researchers even found that administering the survey on-line as opposed to by phone increased responses and improved candor. What did the research reveal? What does this tell us, and what questions should we be asking when we think about teens and social media?

Do you think technology is helping or hurting your ability to connect with the most important people in your life? They expect it, and God help us if we aren't there as parents. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

For your convenience, just fill in the form below and I will respond to you as quickly as possible. There is a distinct pattern of social media use based on economic status. Snapchat and Twitter are more likely to be used by weathier teens. Facebook is used more frequently as income falls. As income rises, use of Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter displaces activity on Facebook.

questionnaire on impact of fashion on youth

Boys are more likely to play video games while girls are more active on social media. What type of digital footprint is being created? How might it impact users today and in the future? Think about social media as an evolving personal resume that is not easily edited. Life moments and memories are an integral part of our lives.

Do we want them to be viewed by everyone? Will they expose us to risk? What is the intent and focus of social media communication? Communication may be evolving, but being a quality communicator will remain a critical success factor. How is the use of social media shaping communication skills? What are the implications for building effective lines of communication with different generations?Fashion affects the social aspects of life.

According to Luciana Zegheanu, fashion causes changes in social, economic and political landscapes. Thus fashion benefits and stimulates society, in the process promoting creativity. Fashion also has negative impacts.

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For instance, it diverts peoples' attention from other important activities and affects the self-esteem of people who cannot afford certain clothing. When fashion distracts people, especially youth, from more productive activities, they focus more on acquiring the latest and the most fashionable wear rather than on education or work.

People who cannot afford certain fashionable items sometimes have diminished self-esteem and do not feel adequate among their peers. At times people are bullied for not having the latest fashions. Some people believe fashion is harmful since it creates a society in which appearance is often valued more than character. On the positive side, fashion is an art, which stimulates and inspires people to express themselves.

People often show off their personal identity, talent and culture through their fashion choices. Often people use what they see on fashion runways and in the stores to create their own unique looks, expressing their creativity. Fashion also promotes creativity as designers endeavor to outdo one another through their unique and intricate designs.

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Home World View. What Do Swedish People Wear? What Is the Cultural Transmission Theory? What Are Cultural Factors?Movies nowadays leave a great impact on the minds of people. The effect of cinema on youth can be easily observed. Not only its effect can be seen on the elders of rural and urban areas but on the children as well.

It cannot be said that all the films are corrupting youth. The current films are more of action, thriller, romance, robbery etc. The youth tries to imitate each and everything which is in the films and this reflects in their dressing style, their driving, their way of talking etc. The people start imagining themselves in the story lines of those films.

Girls and boys, especially in the age ofare the easiest preys. The dialogues, the dressing style of the actor becomes the latest trend for the youngsters. They try to imitate what all goes in films and without understanding that some part of it might leave a negative impression on them. Knowingly or unknowingly the films molds the youth of today in one way or the other and effect of cinema on youth can be seen widely.

Even the youngsters in rural areas are so much affected by the movies, that they place the heroes of the film in a very integrated part of their minds. They try to change their lifestyle according to the films, starting from hairstyle, clothes, dialogues and so on. Even the advertisements or ads what we call, are no less.

Its human nature that we mostly follow the one whom we appreciate the most. There are ads that bring on actresses and actors for promoting a product in such a way that may lead the youth to some bad phase.

questionnaire on impact of fashion on youth

They learn the tricks and tactics used for crimes in the films. In many films, stunts are being performed,the teenagers try to copy such stunts on their bikes and cars which many a times lead to severe accidents. Also now abuses are so common in almost all the films that even a kid of 10 years is able to speak such abusive language knowingly or unknowingly.

The Effects of Fashion on Teenagers

Harassment and rapes have increased because of the free and western culture shown in films today. But this remains restricted only in the films whereas in the real life, corruption is increasing day by day.Fashion is one of the ways to express yourself and exhibit to the world more about who you are.

We all agree that the fashion industry has become very popular and influential, but how does it affect our society? This Fashionhance write-up will talk more about the impact of fashion on society.

So Much For Fashion! Victorian women would cover themselves in wet muslin cloth, so that their dress would fit them perfectly. Due to this practice, many women would often fall sick, and some used to die. We are constantly surrounded by fashion, it has become an everyday kind of thing you need to deal with. Fashion is a term that applies to clothing, accessories, hairstyle, footwear, body piercings, and furniture.

The concept of fashion is not new to mankind, it is just that the definition of fashion has changed and more evolved. During the Egyptian era, both men and women used to line their eyes with Kohl for various reasons. But it was a trend back then and followed by everybody. Fashion is like a wind and is changing rapidly. From school-going kids to working professionals, everybody wants to look their best. Fashion is promoted mostly by TV advertisements and celebrities. Many people define their fashion statement as comfort.

They wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Of course you need to consider the occasion too. If we are living in a society, then it is not a bad thing to follow fashion trends, but it should be done in a limit.

Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Our world is enormous, an integration of various cultures. Fashion helps to connect people internationally, because it travels from one city to another. This gives designers a satisfaction when they see their designs in the market, starting a trend among the people.

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It is always refreshing to see a new designer exhibit new and unique designs. It gives young and aspiring fashion designers a platform to exhibit their talent. Fashion inspires you to expand your knowledge and creativity to turn your hobby into a career. The way you dress up speaks a lot about you, fashion is one of the means through which you express yourself.

Fashion gives you the liberty to mix and match clothes according to your mood, liking, and attitude. People dress up to attract the opposite sex and get noticed by someone they adore. Additionally, people also get acknowledged and stand out amongst the crowd largely due to what they wear and how they look. Those shabbily dressed or the ones lacking a sense of fashion are not very well taken, as compared to those who groom themselves well.

In fact, trends are inspired by designers, ideas of creating something new and different can come from anywhere. Take the example of the Little Black Dress, this trend never goes out. Almost every woman has a little black dress in her wardrobe purchased for that perfect evening. Fashion opens numerous opportunities for you. You can choose to stay behind the camera and work on styling and if you prefer to be in front of the camera, you can venture fields like modeling and acting.

Possibilities are endless, so one good thing about fashion is that it offers employment opportunities to those who dream about being a part of this industry. If you think you have the ability to carry the attire, then it fills you up with a great deal of confidence. Research claims that people who are always dressed up smartly are hardly harassed by bullies, because they feel that anybody with a high fashion sense may retaliate and can be a great threat for them.These questions can be used to conduct a quick market study to understand fashion attitudes, their clothing purchase behavior, fashion preferences and the role that overall fashion and clothing plays in their life and the importance it holds.

Use this sample questionnaire and start collecting feedback to make smarter, data-oriented decisions. Internet Shopper Survey Template offers questions to determine academic study benchmarking internet use and shopper profiles and behavior.

QuestionPro questionnaire sample has questions that consider each aspect of internet shopping behavior a respondent. For example, questions about whether the respondent had taken time out to shop via the internet during the holiday season.

Demographic and Retail Shopping Survey Template is used to collect demographic and shopping intent information. These questions are also often included in other samples as well.

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This questionnaire example is typically used as a part of market research survey, which helps identify factors that are unique to a certain demographic and get details about a shopper's profile. Retail Store Personality Survey Template is an example of the type of questions that can provide information about the personality of a retail store. This QuestionPro questionnaire example can be edited as per the application to gain better insights about the retail store.

Smart surveys that present the respondent with questions and answers specifically tailored to each individual respondent improve response rates. To effectively conduct an Online Survey the first you need to decide what the objectives of the study are.

10 Smart Fashion Hacks! DIY Clothing Ideas And More

And also Review the basic objectives of the study. Though you're welcome to continue on your mobile screen, we'd suggest a desktop or notebook experience for optimal results.

Listed below are statements about shopping behavior for clothes and about clothing fashions. Please check one box for each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement.

Definitely Disagree. Somewhat Disagree. Definitely Agree. I buy clothes I like, regardless of current fashion. I buy new fashion looks only when they are well accepted. I am not as concerned about fashion as I am about modest prices and wearability. I prefer to buy well-known designer labels rather than take a chance on something new. My friends regard me as a good source of advice on fashion selection.

I am confident of my own good taste in clothing. I'm not afraid to be the first to wear something different in fashion looks. I like to buy clothes. I feel good when I buy something new. I like clothes that make the most of my figure. I am the first to try new fashions, therefore many people regard me as being a fashion pacesetter. In this period of rising prices, spending excessive amounts of money on clothes is ridiculous.

questionnaire on impact of fashion on youth

Strongly Disagree. What you think of yourself is reflected by what you wear. I plan my shopping trips carefully. You can tell you are just a bit better than someone else if you dress better than they do. A man wouldn't look twice at a woman who wasn't well dressed. Wearing good clothes is part of leading the good life.There was a time when the concept of fashion was only relevant on special occasions.

Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation. But I can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation. Fashion is everywhere, in fact, fashion has grabbed school going students under its spell as well. The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involves so much of fashion.

The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens who invent their own styles and aim to become an icon among their groups.

Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed.

In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. One of the many factors responsible for the spread and the craze of fashion among people is the Television. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your folks but also upgrades your confidence level. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines.

They try hard to imitate the models. The time they ought to spend in their studies, they spend in watching programmes on TV, reading fashion articles or finding the recent trendy clothes on the web. Unlike earlier times, now the teenagers do not go out with their parents on weekends, rather they plan their outings with their friends. Most of them desire to be into the glamour world. They find the fashion world better than any other job.

One who looks trendy in the first appearance takes away all the limelight. But it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to keep a watch over their children.

They should know whether their children are using most of their time on fashion or their studies. Too much of information regarding recent trends and styles block the minds of the children and distract them from their studies.

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