How to install a lid stay

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How to install a lid stay

View Full Version : Fitting curved box lid stays. Hello, I am in the process of making a large box. The lid is W x D x 30 H and weighs 1. I will be using two butt hinges, and a curved 65mm long stay at one end. I have never fitted these curved stays before. Are there any installation tricks I should be aware of to making it fit and not hit any sides etc?

Thanks in advance for your help Hi Dingey, Have a look under "mounting box lid stays" on Google, you'll find the answer there. You do need to be careful with how and where you mount them.

Lid Supports/Hinges - For Top-Opening Flaps/Chest Lids

Thanks for your comment, LGS Did a test on two flat pieces of board, simulating the lid and a box side, trying various locations for the stay as I simulated one board " opening". Turns out a 65mm stay cannot be usedfar too small. Now looking for a small strut. Trouble is the overall diameter of the structure and mounting brackets cannot exceed 20mm from the box side, determined by the design of the box.

Doubt if I will find one to suit, esp one that will screw on the side of the box and to the interior side of the lid. Looked at the struts, and found that with the strut in the normally compressed position when the lid was closed, a lot of force was being exerted on the box, and when the lid was lifted slightly, it would spring open the rest of the way. It is a mitre jointed box, not so strong, with butt hinges.

In the end I have ordered online a mm long stay that pivots in the centre. It is solid brass, with the arms 10mm wide and 3mm thick. There won't be much loading on it with the lid at 95 degrees.

Otherwise I would be using a SmartHinge instead of Anton Gerners 3mm thick brass butt hinges I actually saw one of these stays on our old piano stool.Deltana Grass America Inc.

Hafele America Co. Knape and Vogt 1. National Manufacturing Co. Rockford Process 1.

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Salice America Inc 6. Selby Furniture Hardware Sugatsune THH 3.


US Futaba 1. Forgot password? Product Filters. Brands Deltana 29 Grass America Inc. Types bi-fold lifter 1 bi-folding door mechanism 3 casement stay adjuster 18 cover cap 1 drop leaf brace 1 face frame bracket 2 flap hinge 4 lid hinge 13 lid stay 74 lid stay bracket 3 lid support 9 panel connector 1 table top lift 1 tabletop hinge 9 transom chain 2 window casement fastener 9.

Items per page 12 24 48 Featuring a variety of lid stays, flap stays, soft-down lid supports, soft-down stays and lid hinges for soft-closing cabinets and chests from manufacturers such as Sugatsune and Hafele. These lid supports are used for a variety of applications including chest lid supports, toy box lid supports, lid mechanisms, chest hinges, upward opening flaps, downward opening flaps, credenza doors and more.

Perfect for doors and lids that need to come down slowly and softly to eliminate slamming doors or smashed fingers.When buying an antique steamer trunk, inspect it carefully, checking for severe rust or rotting. Trunks with only moderate damage can often be repaired because replacement parts such as corner trim, latches, rivets and leather handles are available through mail-order companies specializing in trunk restoration.

how to install a lid stay

Leather handles, a common problem area on old trunks, are easy to replace. Stain new leather handles with a commercial oil-based stain before installation. The metal brackets holding the leather handles are often secured with nails that have been bent over inside the trunk. Use a tape measure to locate the nail point on the inside of the trunk lining, then tap it loose with a nail-punch and hammer.

As each nail head pops out on the outside of the trunk, grasp it with a pair of pliers and pull it through. When enough nails have been removed, slide the old leather handle out of the bracket and replace it with the new one.

If possible, use the original nails to secure the new handle. Tap the nails in place with a hammer, and bend them over inside to attach them to the wood. Lid stays -- the folding brackets inside the trunk that hold the lid in place when the trunk is open -- should be in good shape. To replace a damaged or worn lid stay, measure the location of the existing stay, and use those measurements to position the new one. Use a drill or nail-punch to make pilot holes slightly smaller than the screws to be used to attach the new stay.

After the surface has been cleaned, apply a thin coat of paste wax, and as it hardens, buff it to a natural sheen. How To Make and Decorate Decorating. Fix It. Repair the Leather Handles When buying an antique steamer trunk, inspect it carefully, checking for severe rust or rotting. Repair the Lid Lid stays -- the folding brackets inside the trunk that hold the lid in place when the trunk is open -- should be in good shape. How to Replace a Dryer Belt 7 Steps. How to Install a Sump Pump 11 Steps.

How to Restore Cracked Plaster 8 Steps. How to Repoint Mortar 6 Steps. Renovating an Older Staircase 5 Steps. Bargain Mansions 7am 6c. Bargain Mansions am c. Bargain Mansions 8am 7c. Bargain Mansions 9am 8c. Bargain Mansions 10am 9c. Bargain Mansions 11am 10c. Restoring Galveston 12pm 11c. Restoring Galveston 1pm 12c. Restoring Galveston 2pm 1c.Eliminate the chance of being hit in the head or fingers getting smashed by a closing door.

George Vondriska demonstrates how to install a Lid Stay from Sugatsune.

How To Install Gas Strut Cabinet Supports - DIY RV Upgrade

Lid Stay provided by Sugatsune. For more information, visit www. Click here to cancel reply.

how to install a lid stay

George Vondriska shows his shop-made circle jig solution for cutting a perfect circle on a band saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America original video. George Vondriska provides tips on how to use your band saw as a sawmill. When selecting an aerosol can to finish your woodworking project, pay special attention to the nozzle on the can.

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Most woodworkers have some airborne dust and particulates floating in their shop, and some of those particles can settle on a not-quite-dried finish. George Vondriska demonstrates a neat and inexpensive trick for protecting small woodworking projects from dust when finishing.

Remember me. Lost your password? Privacy Policy. LOG IN. Search for:. Become A Member. Duration: Circle Jig on the Bandsaw George Vondriska shows his shop-made circle jig solution for cutting a perfect circle on a band saw. Cutting a Log on a Bandsaw George Vondriska provides tips on how to use your band saw as a sawmill. Comparing Aerosol Can Nozzles When selecting an aerosol can to finish your woodworking project, pay special attention to the nozzle on the can.

Anti-Dust Finishing Tip Most woodworkers have some airborne dust and particulates floating in their shop, and some of those particles can settle on a not-quite-dried finish.Find a lid support that is more than capable of holding the pressure applied by the lid. The pot lid can be tricky to lock and unlock without a little practice. Follow the step by step instructions in this domestic appliance repair video to replace your cooker's door hinges.

To estimate how long a runner you'll need, have your installer measure the depth of the stair tread and If you're determined to install your stair runner rug on your own, we also recommend watching this. All, my '06 Honda Accord Trunk Lid won't stay open. Now, push down the on the end of the rod and take the tank cover off. How to test the lid switch in a washing machine with a multi-meter: Unplug your washing machine.

Number and combination of resistance is determined by lid weight and width. Simple elbow jointed arm is easy to install. When I close the lid, it goes to sleep mode. Light shining across that large, uninterrupted surface. A common MacOS problem is missing ACPI functionality, such as: fans not running, screens not turning off when the lid is closed, shutdown, boot to avoid problem in this case and stay with full patch need use a bootkey or ssdt Would you tell me how to installed opencore to my CPU?

Share this post. To use a tube clamp, unscrew the clamp to loosen it. Mounts on left or right side by reversing the brackets. Hayward CL inground pool…. Hi we have a toilet unlike any I have seen before. Take a second threaded male adapter, and prepare and thread it into the filter's outflow port in the same manner. Install the lower part of the cover 1. Now, spray lubricant on the rubber grommet which keeps the system sealed.

If the line had a retaining clamp, use needle nosed pliers to put the retainer clamp back onto the line.We may receive a commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. Most of the time, woodworkers just prop the lid against a wall. I used to have a chain on mine, but it would droop in the wrong place at times and eventually came off. Good riddance. So I swiped an idea from Jameel Abraham of Benchcrafted.

Last year he made some gorgeous hand-filed lid stays for some tool chests in his family. Check out his procedure here. I have miles of trim to paint and install this week, so I had to settle for a more rednecky solution with bits of material I had on hand.

how to install a lid stay

Installing threaded inserts is no fun. Next up is installing the brass threaded inserts. The tendency is for the insert to wander and rip up the surface of your work.

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Chuck the threaded section into a cordless drill and then thread the brass insert onto the bolt until it touches the jaws of the chuck. Now you can slowly drive the insert into the pilot hole without too much wandering or damage.

how to install a lid stay

The rest is simple. File and sand it until it looks acceptable. A dense hardwood would also work, as would steel which is what I would have used if I had any. The lid will stay open, even if you knock the stay. And it takes just a moment to unscrew one thumbscrew and close the lid. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

I love those threaded inserts and knurled thumbscrews. The advantage of the tool over a bolt with the head cut off, is that in the rare circumstance that you need to remove the insert, the tool easily does that too.

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It has small nibs that engage with the slots in the inserts. The first time I used threaded inserts was about 15 years ago when I made a crib for my grandson. I used threaded inserts to make it easy to dis-assemble the crib into five main parts for storage. Your metal bar looks like a vast improvement over a chain that can get in the way, and over time can yank the retaining screws out.

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Good idea. You know if you notched bottom or top hole you could just loosen one screw and pivot the arm out of the way. I have a wooden tool box from around and they uses leather attached to the inside of the lid and side of the box.

I figured it would be a pain as it would stop the lid from closing, but the leather has been well trained and only folds to the inside of the box. I know it was from at least as it came with a calendar thumb tacked to the inside of the lid. By Christopher Schwarz.Lid stays or supports are used on hinged, lidded pieces of furniture such as chests and trunks.

They hold lids open, allowing users to access storage areas with both hands, as they free up the hand that would otherwise be holding the lid open. Folding stays hinge in their centre and fold in half as the lid closes, these take up little space once the lid is closed. Sliding stays can offer firmer support, but need clearance within the trunk as they slide down the inside of the trunk when the lid is lowered.

Prop the lid top open at 90 degrees by positioning it against a wall, or getting someone to hold it. Measure the length of the stay. Measure from the outside back of the chest along the inside top edge of the side. Make a light pencil mark at the length of your stay. This is where the lower fixings will be. Measure the inside of the lid vertically from the inside rear corner. Put a mark at the same distance as the length of your stay. If your stay is 25 cm 10 inchesthe mark should be 25 cm 10 inches up the lid, and the thickness of the side of the chest, plus any overhang or lipping, in from the edge of the lid.

Place the top stay fixing against the lid of the box -- the side of the fitting, not the middle, should be on the mark -- and screw in place. Line up the centre of the lower fitting with the mark on the inside of the chest wall. This should be centred over the mark. Screw in place. Louise Jones has been a technical writer since and is the director of a technical writing company, providing literature for U.

Her work also appears on various websites, focusing on business and technical articles. Jones has a postgraduate certificate in education and has been trained in information technology.

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She studied English at Cambridge University. Written by: Louise Jones Written on: July 14, Sliding stays need to be mounted at a slightly different angle.

They should be lower down the lid than they are out from the back of the chest. A 25 cm 10 inches sliding stay would be mounted The rule of thumb is to have the distance on the wall of the chest just over twice the distance up the lid.


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